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The Homer and Dolly Hand Art Center presents


An exhibit by Margaret Ross Tolbert

Now – October 22


Margaret Ross Tolbert is an artist based in Gainesville, Florida. Over the last twenty years she has executed series of paintings, drawings and lithographs from studios in the U.S., France and Turkey. Tolbert’s paintings, document some of the many features, and urgent need for the preservation of Florida’s freshwater springs and the Floridan Aquifer. AQUIFERious is curated by Margaret Ross Tolbert, and is based on her award-winning book of the same title. A multi-media art experience, the exhibition will juxtapose Tolbert’s dramatic, large-scale springs paintings with contributing artists’ and scientists’ photographs, videos and cartography. Featured will be the underwater photography by Jill Heinerth, Mark Long and Tom Morris. Springs maps by Eric Hutcheson and Georgia Shemitz.

For more information, go to https://www2.stetson.edu/hand-art-center/ or visit www.margaretrosstolbert.com.

Vaselina Springs and the Arkie DeLeons

Faculty Focus on Gary Bolding

Now – October 22


Vaselina Springs and The Arkie DeLeons is a DIY work of art built from a number of different components. It is expandable. Gary Bolding is the primary content provider and image-maker, but much of the work is made collaboratively. The Arkie DeLeons are a band that made a rock soap opera concept album about Vaselina Springs (vay-sah-LEE-nah, population 25,104), a south Arkansas oil town. This first presentation of Vaselina Springs and The Arkie DeLeons includes a 9-foot oil painting, an installation piece, and 10 songs arranged, recorded and produced by Ed Nicholson

.For more information, go to https://www2.stetson.edu/hand-art-center/ or visit www.vaselinasprings.com.


139 E. Michigan Avenue

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