“WATER is the driving force of all nature.”
—Leonardo DaVinci


The Water Festival will be recognizing and awarding the winners of three creative contests for local students!

Create multiple perspectives through 2D art, essays, poetry, photography or video which demonstrate how the human and natural worlds are vitally interdependent.

Illustrate through 2D art, essays, poetry, photography or video: Ways to conserve water; ways to protect and rejuvenate our water resources. Show how we waste water – use and abuse water. Share moments when and where you have enjoyed water.

Where does our potable water come from in Florida? How is that different from other parts of the country? Explore through art how the health of Florida’s springs and aquifer are directly related to the ways in which we define and use land, water and energy.

How can we as a community share in Florida’s finite water resources?


Contest Process

Students will submit original art, literary, photographic or video work celebrating water. Suggested subject matter includes but is not limited to water resources [e.g. Florida aquifer, rivers, lakes, springs, ocean, and rainfall], water recreation, water conservation, the impact of climate change on water quantity and quality, and degradation and/or restoration of our water resources.

Participating schools will submit up to five examples of work in each of the categories outlined below for the identified grade levels. Deadline for submissions is Friday, September 30, 2016. Submissions of 2D art, photography, essays or poetry should be mailed or hand delivered to the

Museum of Art – DeLand,
600 N. Woodland Avenue,
DeLand, FL 32724,
Attention: Marianna Vogel.

Videos should be submitted on a USP flash drive, a CD, or can be uploaded to an online DropBox. (Request specific instructions) File formats accepted will be WMP, MOV, or MPEG.

For each art category at each school level, local judges will award cash prizes of $50 for First Place, $25 for Reserve and three Honorable Mention ribbons.


MIDDLE SCHOOLS, 6-8: Students may submit work in five categories: 2D art, essays, poetry, photography, or video.

HIGH SCHOOLS, 9-12: Students may submit work in five categories: 2D art, essays, poetry, photography, or video.



2D ART: Students will submit two-dimensional, unframed pieces no larger than 11″ x 17″. Media of all types are encouraged including pencil, ink, paint, prints, collage, mixed media, etc.

ESSAYS: Essays must be 500 words or less.

POETRY: Poems must be 200 words or less.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Black and white or color, 8.5” x 11” unframed. Photoshop or similar digital enhancements acceptable.

VIDEOS: 1-5 minutes in length. Black-and-white or color; documentary, fiction or animation eligible.



Winners will be notified and announced October 7. Winning 2D art and photography submissions will be displayed during the Water Festival in the lobby of the Sanborn Center, October 16. Winners in the essay and poetry categories will have the opportunity to read their entries during the Water Festival activities. Winners in the video category will have their submissions shown at the Wayne Sanborn Center on October 16 and at the Athens Theatre during the Water Festival documentary event on October 17.