Bill Belleville

billbellevillewetstBILL BELLEVILLE is an award-winning author and documentary filmmaker specializing in nature who has published seven books, several hundred articles and essays for national magazines, and served as a writer and diver on several Discovery Channel oceanographic expeditions that were made into documentaries (one in Cuba and one in the Galapagos Islands). Mr. Belleville has traveled widely to research editorial projects on nature, including the White Sea of Russia, the Amazon, and throughout the Antilles. With Bob Giguere, he co-founded the non-profit, nature documentary company, Equinox Documentaries, Inc. Mr. Belleville will talk about nature, culture and “sense of place” here in Florida, and give specific examples of how art/culture can be influenced by nature. His power point presentation will refer to content in his new book, The Peace of Blue: Water Journeys, which cites vital information about the full natural and cultural values of water in Florida.


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